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Cloth Wipes... One Month Later.

If you cloth diaper your little one, do you also use cloth wipes?  I have to admit, when I first began cloth diapering in August 2011, I didn't use cloth wipes.  Fact is, I didn't even think about it.  That all changed when in December I had the honor of participating in Lullaby Organics' Holi-Daily Deals Giveaways and was given the opportunity to try cloth wipes!  Lullaby Organics sent me Under The Nile's 6-Pack Organic Egyptian Cotton Terry Baby Wipes.  I wrote a review about the wipes and also included my experience with making my own wipe cleanser.

So, I've been using cloth wipes for about a month and have really liked it!  After a month, I've made my own wipe cleanser solution, plus I've also tried Thirsties Booty Luster that I purchased from my local cloth diaper store.  As much as I liked using Thirsties Booty Luster, I prefer making my own wipe cleanser solution using products that I already have in my home.

Making your own wipe cleanser solution is easy.  I discovered the easy formula from Earth Mama Angel Baby's web site where they have a video posted showing you how to make your own cloth wipes and wipe cleanser solution.  Click here to view.  So, to make your own wipe cleanser solution, just use 1 cup of water, 1 tablespoon of baby wash and 1/2 - 1 tablespoon of baby oil.  I simply mixed the ingredients together and put them in a small squirt bottle.  At diaper changes, I simply squirt the wipe cleanser on my little one's bottom and then wipe clean with the cloth diaper wipes.  Of course, you can use any brand of baby wash and baby oil, but I prefer to use Earth Mama Angel Baby products.  Their Angel Baby Wash and Angel Baby Oil is awesome.  My little one smells heavenly because Angel Baby Wash smells of vanilla and orange.  Here's an image for you... think of an orange creamsicle.  Your little one's bottom is not only clean, thanks to the Angel Baby Wash, but is also soft, thanks to the Angel Baby Oil.  Definitely worth mentioning, Earth Mama Angel Baby products are organic, zero-toxin, and contain no artificial fragrances, dyes or artificial preservatives.

Now, I've since discovered two other brands of cloth diaper wipes that I've tried and have also liked.  I purchased GroVia's cloth wipes from my local cloth diaper store, Booty Duty Cloth Diapers.  The GroVia cloth wipes are soft like the Under The Nile cloth wipes, yet bigger in size.  I also purchased Kissaluvs Organic Cotton Wipes from Kelly's Closet.  The Kissaluv Wipes have super cute prints.  The fashion print side is made of soft flannel and the other side is a sumptuous organic cotton velour.  I bought the "Dino Mino" print which is just adorable.  After trying three different cloth wipe brands, I'm not 100% sure which one is my favorite.  I love the size of the GroVia cloth wipes, but prefer the organic cotton that the Under The Nile and Kissaluvs brands offer.  That said, I use all three brands in my cloth diaper wipes rotation and have found using cloth wipes to be an easy, green and more economical solution for diapering.

While there are great brands of cloth diaper wipes to choose from, you can also make your own cloth wipes or simply use baby wash cloths.  The Feminist Breeder recently shared a wonderful blog post about "How To Make Pop-Up Cloth Wipes" using baby wash cloths that she purchased from Target.  Check out the blog posting here which includes pictures and easy step-by-step instructions! 

Now, I still keep disposable wipes on hand, however, I've noticed a huge difference though in our usage in disposable wipes... it's decreased drastically.  My husband's pocket book has noticed some savings, too.  Win, win, I think.

If you don't use cloth wipes on your little one, would you ever consider it?  Why or why not?  Thanks for reading and stopping by!  :)

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  1. I just started using Cloth wipes too! I really do like using them. I never thought they would be so easy and it was a scary "thought" to use cloth wipes as well but it kind of all fell together once I started CD :) Thanks for the tip on the cloth wipe pop up dispenser :)


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