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Teething Woes.

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TEETHING.  Hearing that one word makes many parents cringe.  With my oldest little boy, teething was hardly an issue.  Besides the sea of drool pouring from his cute little mouth, teething didn't seems to bother him one bit.  I always made sure he had a bib on as there's just something about "teething drool" that can be quite irritating on a baby's skin and of course the "teething drool" can leave their onesies completely soaked.  Now, teething for my youngest was quite the different story.  Besides the familiar sea of drool and constant bib-wearing, there were countless sleepless nights, almost non-existent naps and an extremely cranky, irritable baby.  I felt so bad for my youngest, as he had an extremely difficult time when he was teething.  Oh, and when I say cranky baby, I really should include cranky mommy in there, too.  Know the feeling?  So, if you have a little one in the same boat, I have picked up a couple of golden nuggets a long the way that I would like to share.

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If you would like to approach teething in a more natural, homeopathic way, then you should check out Hyland's Teething Tablets.  Hyland’s Baby Teething Tablets are small, “soft” tablets that dissolve instantly in your baby's mouth upon contact with saliva. You just need to put the tablets in your child’s mouth and they will dissolve, bringing much needed relief to your little one's achy mouth and gums.  Hyland's recommends dissolving 2 to 3 tablets under the tongue or in a teaspoon of water, 4 times per day.  For my household, these were a lifesaver while my youngest was teething and really seemed to sooth my little one's teething woes.  You can purchase Hyland's Teething Tablets at most major retailers nationwide.

One day as I was perusing Earth Mama Angel Baby's Facebook page, I came across a posting where a momma was asking for some advice about soothing a teething baby.  One momma mentioned soaking a baby wash cloth in Earth Mama's Organic Peaceful Mama Tea and then letting the teething baby suck on the saturated wash cloth.  Of course, watch the temperature of the water when preparing the tea.  A cooler temperature may be more soothing to baby's gums, so you'll want to wait for the tea to adequately cool.  You can always test the temperature by putting a droplet on the inside of your wrist.  I loved this remedy and though that this was simply a brilliant idea as ALL of Earth Mama Angel Baby's products, teas included, are organic, zero-toxins, vegan and cruelty-free.  Organic Peaceful Mama Tea always calms me and helps me relax after a long day, so it would only make sense that this organic goodness could help sooth a cranky teething baby.  To find a retailer near you, click here.

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Refrigerated teething rings and other teethers are always helpful and soothing.  Of course, using mesh feeders with an ice cube or with a bit of frozen fruit can help provide some much needed relief, too.  As far as mesh feeders go, I always liked the Baby Safe Feeder which is available at Babies 'R Us and retails for approximately $11.99.

So, do you have the teething woes?  How do you help soothe your little one's poor gums when he/she is teething?

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  1. thanks for the advice Toni! with the information about the tea, you can soak cloth with chamomile tea as well. Of course, the tea has to be made out of loose leaf chamomile herbal tea, which is lukewarm, or even cool (cold seems to help with the teething).

  2. Mine oldest started teething at four months! What a nightmare since she could barely get her own fist to her mouth let alone a teether... We used the teething tablets too and they were great. Of course, a few months after we stopped using them there was a recall because the company used belladonna in the mix! As long as parents are using the correct dosage they should be fine, but I do advise anyone with an older supply to check their ingredients, as new tablets are belladonna free!
    I do have a question for the mommies out there though... My two-year-old has a great deal of teeth now and although we went through a long period of drooling (even after the teeth came in) she now chews on her fingers. We've taken to giving her the pacifier more as she doesn't like teethers, otherwise she ends up with not only wrinkly fingers but bad bite marks on her hands and fingers. Any suggestions? She was also a baby that bit on her crib. I did get a cover for it so she couldn't but she did a bit of damage to the rail before I could get it worked out.

    1. Hey, Heidi! Thanks for stoppping by and for your comment. So, your toddler still has a "need" to bite and chew. If she's still going through a "chewing" stage, I would suggest designating a specific toy to satisfy that urge to "bite" and/or "chew." We did the same thing with my little one. I would say "no,no" when he tried biting/chewing other things and then offered him the "biting toy." I know you mentioned that she didn't like typical teethers per se, but maybe a teether toy like Sophie The Giraffe ( or The First Years Massaging Action Teether ( would be something a little different. My little ones loved The First Years teether that I just mentioned, and I've heard rave review about Sophie. Hope this helps! -Toni

  3. Teething is a great ordeal for parents. In this phase, babies tend to be fussy and cranky all the time. Yep, those teething tablets are a great relief. My son had them when he was teething, and it definitely soothed the pain.


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