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ecoSTORE USA Review

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I was recently introduced to a wonderful company, ecoSTORE USA.  ecoSTORE USA carries a variety of eco friendly products.  From household, to baby and pet care, there are many products for you to choose to fit your lifestyle and family's needs.

If you're unfamiliar with ecoSTORE, let me bring you up to speed.  Here's their backstory from Malcolm and Melanie Rands founded ecoSTORE over 18 years ago, in a permaculture eco-village in Northland, New Zealand.  Their team began to create a range of plant and mineral based cleaning products without dangerous and toxic chemicals. People started using them and loved that they worked so well and that certain health conditions were disappearing.  Now, years later, ecostore has grown into an international brand with a proven track record, a pedigree heritage and a superior product offering sold throughout NZ, Australia, the USA, and five Asian countries.

So, I've also had the opportunity to try some of ecoSTORE USA's NEWEST products!  They have just launched a hair care line of shampoos and conditioners that are just amazing.  With delicious scents like Pear, Honey Almond and Cucumber there's something to delight everyone's senses and make your showers and baths even more indulgent.

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The new hair care line is formulated to moisturize and volumize your hair and is also color-safe.  According to, the new shampoos and conditioners are plant and mineral-based formulations with select natural oil ingredients to gently cleanse, soften and replenish hair without removing its natural protective oils.  ecoSTORE USA's new hair care line is also eco friendly and contains no harmful, yucky, nasty chemicals!  The shampoos and conditioners are sulfate free, paraben free, 1,4 dioxane free and contain no artificial dyes or fragrances.
I tried the Honey Almond Shampoo and Conditioner.  First, I absolutely love the scent.  It's light and soft, yet extremely pleasing.  I have about shoulder length hair.  My hair is pretty fine in texture, but with the current length, it's fairly thick.  I used a dollop of shampoo a little larger then a quarter and it seemed like a good amount to lather and work through my hair evenly.  I used the same amount for the conditioner as well.  After towel drying my hair, my brush seemed to easily, well for the most part, go through my hair without too much trouble.  I say, "for the most part," as my hair has been exceptionally "tangly" hair ever since having my little ones.  One day, I let my hair air-dry and then another day, I dried my hair with a blow dryer.  Both drying techniques resulted in the same outcome: My hair was soft and I didn't notice much frizz.  I have naturally wavy hair and tend to get fly-aways and frizz, but didn't notice that as bad when using the ecoSTORE USA shampoo and conditioner.  Bottom line: I loved this product and it worked well for me.

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If you would like to try ecoSTORE USA's newest hair care products, you're in luck!  You can purchase the new shampoos and conditioners as they are on sale right now!  All of the shampoos and conditioners are 20% off through March 17th at the ecoSTORE USA web site:  If you follow ecoSTORE USA on Facebook, you actually have an opportunity to win a fabulous gift basket filled with each of the new hair care line products!  Each week in March, ecoSTORE USA will be giving away one of these fabulous gift baskets!  So, follow ecoSTORE USA on Facebook and follow them on Twitter (@ecostoreusa) for all of the latest and greatest news and promotions from ecoSTORE USA!

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P.S. - ecoSTORE USA graciously sent me their amazing products for this review.  However, all thoughts and opinions expressed are 100% mine.  My two cents.

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