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Storms - Manic Mommy Monday #7

I'm joining The Gnome's Mom for "Manic Mommy Monday!" This is the 7th week and while there are no weekly topics so to speak, it's a fun way to re-cap on your weekend, give an update on your life or anything else you feel led to "talk" or blog about on Monday! If you're so inclined, join us fellow "Manic Mommas," link-up and join the fun! The link-up is at the bottom of the post!
All of us at some point or another will endure a "storm." That "storm" could be a personal storm, a personal battle.  It could be a spiritual storm.  Or it could be a storm of mother nature.

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So, this past weekend many parts of the midwest were affected by severe weather.  Oklahoma endured strong storms, high winds, hail and tornadoes hit many parts of the state.  When tornadoes and storms ravaged parts of Oklahoma last year, I felt a call-to-action and created a charitable group, Shower of Hope OklahomaWhen I created Shower of Hope Oklahoma, my initial endeavor was to help the Hamil Family. Having two little boys of my own, their tragedy really hit close to home with me and I've always been passionate about helping children. From serving in the youth ministry at my local church, to working in the nurseries there, I've always loved working with children. Jesus esteems children and values them greatly. In Matthew 19:14, Jesus says, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."   So, whenever an opportunity arises to help a child or children in need, my heart is instantly compelled to help and do something. During times like these, Matthew 25:40 comes to mind... "I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these, you did for me." 

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Through my charitable group, I met many wonderful individuals.  I connected with many people on the phone, through e-mail and through Facebook.  Jamai Lyda, a woman that I came to know through the Shower of Hope Oklahoma Facebook page, is helping a young family in need right now. A young mother who's 8-month pregnant with a baby boy due in May was at home with her 3-year old daughter when a tornado hit the town of Woodward, Oklahoma. Breanna Parada's home was destroyed by the tornado. Thankfully, this young mother and her family were unharmed, but lost everything in the storm. 89 homes in Woodward were destroyed along with 13 businesses. When I heard about this young mother, I instantly wanted to send a care package for her family. My mom endured a housefire several years ago and any natural disaster is a traumatic experience, so I understand wholeheartedly what this family is enduring.

I plan on sending a care package to the Parada Family for their soon-to-be baby from Shower of Hope Oklahoma. My desire is for this care package to be a blessing and an encouragement to them during this difficult time of re-building and starting over. If you would like to send a care package for the Parada Family, you can send it to:

Covenant Life Christian Church
Re: Parada Family
501 S. Cleveland Street
Enid, Oklahoma 73703

You can send anything.  See, giving isn't about the amount of the gift.  Giving is simply a matter of the heart.  You should give in whatever measure and in whatever amount you're able.  Believe it or not, but a package of pacifiers for an expectant momma-to-be who lost the entire contents of her nursery can and will be a huge blessing.

Hope you're having a wonderful Monday!

Happy Blogging!
Toni The Chic Momma

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