Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Hair Raising (Pulling) Incident.

On Monday morning, my husband and I heard the boys get up around 7:50am.  We could hear them playing and laughing.  We decided to hang in bed for a little while longer.  It was nice.  We talked about what we had going on for the day and would hear the boys giggle in the next room.  Then, it happened.  We heard a scream and then crying.  My husband rushed into the bedroom to find our 3-year old crying.  My husband brought him into our bedroom and I consoled him.  He settled down quickly and began playing.  We weren't quite for sure what happened, but he seemed alright.  Then, my toddler turned his head and I saw it.  "IT" was a bald spot on the side of his head!  At first, I thought it was simply because of his numerous callicks and the fact that he had "bed head."   My husband decided to go into the bedroom to see if he could find any clumps of hair.  He did.  Loose strands of hair were all over the crib sheets.  See, my oldest toddler likes to climb into his little brother's crib and they play together.  Plus, there was evidence in little brother's fist... a big clump of hair.  Oh.My.Goodness.

The Crime Scene

The Criminal

The Victim

Have you ever had to deal with your little ones pulling hair?  How did you handle/correct the issue?

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  1. We had a hair puller and we shaved her head to 1/8 In. long hair (too short to get a hold of) when she was 2 1/2 for about 7 months to break the habit.

    She would pull hair out and eat it. So we would find LONGGGGGG hairs in her diaper and she would wake up with her fingers tangled up with her hair she was fingering the night before. We had tried socks on he hands, hats, and everything else except shaving.

    It was a bit drastic but she was so little she wasn't scared by it. Since you have a son it should be easier in that regard. We also had a long haired toy she could hold instead of hers hair to have her transfer her "fingering" to something good. She would finger that but not eat the fuzz. She was a stressing out with life and I pull hair type.

    She is a very intentional thinker and she always has been a planner. She was potentially OCD about where and how her shoes were placed a little before the hair habit started. So I guess life was just stressing her out and she liked the hair pulling out and eating as her technique to calm down.

    We had to make sure we visited a teacher /classroom for a speech emphasis preschool sooner than most b/c she was starting to pull her hair out from the "unknown" factor. Bandanas helped her out once she was about 5 years old and she saw the result and didn't like it.

    This is s real problem for some kids and it is a hard one to figure out too. Good luck on figuring out the triggers and reasoning behind the pulling. Once you get the reasoning behind it you have a better grasp on the method you can choose to win the battle.

    Brook Elmer


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