Sunday, November 18, 2012

Days 17 and 18 - Month of Thanks

For the month of November, I decided to begin a new series of postings entitled, "Month of Thanks." You can click here to learn more about "Month of Thanks." So, for the month of November, each day I will post something that I'm thankful for that particular day. I hope you will join me in this "Month of Thanks." Post what you're thankful for in the comments section or post on Twitter with the hashtag #monthofthanks. Let our lives be filled with thanks this month. Maybe a change in attitude and a change of heart will lead to peaceful, thankful life...
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Day 17 - I'm thankful for my home church.  Church On The Move is a wonderful church full of generous, compassionate individuals and families.  I'm thankful that my little boys are growing up in such a loving, caring church.  Church On The Move serves so many has numerous ministry outreaches that help the local community as well as families across the globe. 

Day 18 - I'm thankful for basic utilities.  I can cook meals in my home, wash clothes, have hot water for showers and keep my home cool in the summer plus warm in the winter.  I can't imagine not having those basic, everyday abilities.  Having gas, electric and water for my home is truly a blessing. 

What are you thankful for today?
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