Tuesday, March 19, 2013

BabyComfyNose Nasal Aspirator - 20%Off Promo!

Spring is almost here!  Warmer weather, flowers in bloom and pollen, lots of pollen.  Yep, if you suffer from allergies, then pollen is something that crosses your mind when you think of spring.  Spring can mean runny noses and also congestion.  If you have little ones, you know how frustrating congestion can be for an infant or toddler that can't blow his/her nose yet.
When you leave the hospital with your newborn baby, you are sent home with a blue nasal bulb.  Now, I've always had wonderful success with the blue nasal bulb, but back in January, I saw the photo on the right circulating on Facebook.  This photo of a bulb syringe nasal aspirator shows mold all on the inside of it.  While reading comments on Facebook, many moms posted how they immediately went to also cut open their nasal aspirator.  Many moms posted that their nasal bulbs showed something similar.  Just gross.  I raced to the bath room to cut open our same nasal aspirator.  As I cut it open, I expected to see something just horrible.  But guess what?  The inside was PERFECTLY CLEAN.  I ruined the nasal bulb and for nothing.  I guess, regular cleaning with hot water and vinegar will do the trick to keep your nasal bulbs clean and germ free because mine didn't have a hint of mold.  So, with proper cleaning and sanitizing, your nasal bulb can be germ-free.  However, the nasal bulb is intrusive and many little ones will not sit still long enough for you to thoroughly suction and clear the congestion from their noses.
So, after ruining my blue nasal bulb,  I ventured to Target, Wal-Mart, Babies-R-Us and BuyBuyBaby looking for a replacement.  To my dismay, it appeared that those blue nasal bulbs are only available at hospitals.  I then purchased a NoseFrida, which I have loved using.  Studies have shown that the human-suction method is by far the most effective way to remove nasal mucus in small children, with the exception of hospital suction. And while the NoseFrida has worked wonderfully and has proven to be super effective, I wasn't thrilled with having to purchase the rubber filters for the lifetime of the unit.  Purchasing the NoseFrida rubber filters meant extra trips to the store, gas money and of course the additional costs for the filters.

However, The BabyComfyNose nasal aspirator frees you from purchasing rubber filters and spending extra money. The BabyComfyNose employs the same principle as the NoseFrida of using your own suction.  However, For the BabyComfyNose, you simply use facial tissue as the filter.  Household facial tissue inserted into the body of the BabyComfyNose is actually a more absorbent and effective filter than foam rubber. Tissue pores are much smaller than those of foam rubber, and tissue is an inherently absorbent material, whereas plastic foam rubber is not. The result is that tissue is just a better filter and keeps extra dollars in your wallet.

Recently, Dr. Sears of the Doctors TV Show recommended the BabyComfyNose as the best way to clear a baby's nose.  Take a look at the video ‘How to Use the BabyComfyNose’ by clicking here - www.babycomfynose.com

If you're wanting to try the BabyComfyNose, I have a special offer to share with you!  Simply visit http://www.babycomfynose.com/usfamilyguide to capture the 20%-off promo code for the BabyComfyNose nasal aspirator. Complete purchase on Amazon.  Coupon expires April 30, 2013.

Happy Snot Sucking!
Toni The Chic Momma

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