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Puj Big Hug (Toddler Hooded Towel) Review

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My little ones love bath time.  They love splashing in the water and love playing with their colorful bath toys.  Bath time is a great bonding time with my boys and it's an enjoyable part of the day.  Bath time also is a great routine and helps my little ones calm down before bed time.

When my little ones were newborns and infants, I had many hooded towels that I used and loved.  They worked well and kept my little ones warm and dry from the bath rub to the changing table.  However, as my infants became toddlers, those super handy hooded towels seemed to, well, shrink.  So, I began searching for "toddler" hooded towels.  I bought one from Target and was excited to have found a "toddler" hooded towel that would work like our beloved infant hooded towels.  Much to my dismay, the towel was way too short and didn't come close to keeping my toddler covered.  Not to mention the fact that my oldest has a bigger head (he's a smarty) and the hood didn't cover his entire noggin. 

So, for quite awhile now, I've used our regular sized bath towels on my boys.  However, those adult-sized bath towels just don't cut it for toddlers.  Luckily, Puj has created the Puj Big Hug, a wonderful hooded towel designed specifically with toddlers in mind.

Made with thick, ultra-soft cotton, the Puj Big Hug keeps your toddler warm and cozy after bath time!

How It Works:
  • The unique contour and fit of the Puj Big Hug for toddlers is designed to match the shape of a child's head, shoulders, and body.
  • The Big Hug was designed to make drying off so easy, even a child could do it. The towel features two wing pockets that kids can put their hands into, allowing them to give themselves a big hug and wrap the draft-free towel snugly around their body. Warm kids = happy kids.
  • After the bath, hanging up the towel is a synch. Simply loop the soft silicone tab around a Puj nub or some other wall hook and let it dry. It’s so easy, your kids have no excuse not to hang up their towels themselves!
For the past two weeks, I have been using the Puj Big Hug on my soon-to-be 4-year old.  I'm planning my city's local Great Cloth Diaper Change, so almost daily packages have been arriving at my home with prizes, samples and coupons for my local event.  So, my toddler was super excited when the Puj Big Hug arrived because it was something just for him!
The first thing that I noticed about the Puj Big Hug was how incredibly plush and soft the towel is and how it reminded me of a spa towel.  The packaging is incredibly cute, too!  When bath time rolled around later that evening, I was super curious if it would really work on my toddler.  Like I had previously mentioned, my oldest toddler has a bigger head, so I was a little leery if it would really work that well on my toddler based on past experiences with other toddler hooded towels on the market.  As I helped my toddler from the bath tub, I immediately placed the hood over his head to begin drying his hair.  Much to my surprise, the hood fit great!  I then wrapped him up tight and the Puj Big Hug wrapped perfectly around his body and covered him totally!  It's always a delight when a new products work well and live up to expectations.

I have laundered the Puj Big Hug twice now.  It's held up nice in the wash, although it has picked up a lot of fuzzy bits from my wool dryer balls.  However, that issue is an easy one to remedy and hasn't affected the functionality of the towel.  Overall, I'm extremely happy with the Puj Big Hug and would recommend it to any momma with a toddler!  Puj also has a Puj Hug for newborns and infants.  It's the same quality and softness, but in a smaller size, perfect for your infant.

Click here to order your very own Puj Big Hug!  Trust me... you will love it and most importantly, your little one will love it!  The Puj Big Hug is available at  Use promotional code "PUJHUGS10" when ordering at and receive 10% off when you order a Puj Big Hug and/or Puj Hug.  Hurry, offer expires May 31, 2013.

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I was sent the Puj Big Hug to try and review.  However, the review is my honest opinion, my 2 cents.

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