Thursday, May 16, 2013

KiDECALS Promo Code {Sponsored Post}

This year, my oldest toddler started pre-school.  The school requested that my little one's name was written in his jacket, coat and on his back pack as well as lunch pail.  While I wrote his name in Sharpie, it would have been nice to have a removable label for those items as one day, my youngest toddler will use those same items.  Gotta love hand-me-downs!

So, I'm excited to share with you some products from KiDECALS!  As seen on the Today Show, KiDECALS offers personalized, waterproof name labels and decals. personalized clothing labels.  KiDECALS offers unique kid name labels stick to any surface – including clothes – and are waterproof, dishwasher & washing machine safe! Stick these personalized kids name labels & kids name tags on easily lost items such as water bottles and mittens so they get quickly returned! With over 80 decal and label designs to meet trends and interests, there is a style of personalized labels for everyone.
The annoying thing about using a Sharpie to label stuff is it eventually washes away. Kidecals waterproof name labels are insanely durable and can stick to just about anything.  From clothes to water bottles, and they stay put through wash after wash after wash.  Winning!
Personalized Kids Name Labels:
Kidecals are an absolute must if you've got kids and hate losing their stuff. Label water bottles, clothing, books, toys, sports gear with their trendy and fun designs.  kidecals are crazy durable... dishwasher, washing machine AND dryer safe, and they don't damage surfaces.
.Fun Mustache Stickers:
My kids are crazy for anything with a mustache, and frankly so am I. We love kidecals fun Partystache stickers to use as drink markers, and the Mustache Chalkboard Stickers are a sassy way to label/organize anything in your pantry or craft room. (They're also fun for labeling foods or drinks at a potluck or party!)

Chalkboard Labels that you can write on:
Chalkboard labels are the easiest way to get organized fast without having to create new printed labels from scratch.  kidecals makes the prettiest designs, and their chalkboard labels are super durable and can even go through the dishwasher!

Check out the video from KiDECALS!

I have a special offer from KiDECALS!  Toni the Chic Momma Readers can now save 15% off Kidecals, the most durable waterproof labels on the market!  Simply use promo code: bestlabels at and enjoy FREE SHIPPING!
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