Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Week of Fluff!

Last week, I wrote about receiving a "fluff" package in the mail.  I received five bumGenius cloth diapers from Cotton Babies.  You can read that blog posting here.  This blog posting is my follow-up.  My "diaper diaries," if you will.

So, it has been one week since I began my cloth diapering adventure and you know what?  Cloth diapering my 1-year old has been E.A.S.Y.  Yes, I said "easy" for you non-converts!  Honestly, truthfully EASY!  I have to admit that I was a little apprehensive when I first began cloth diapering last week.  I guess we're always a little fearful or nervous about the unknown and for me, cloth diapering was uncharted territory.  I think many of us have pre-conceived notions of what cloth diapering entails.  When many of us think of cloth diapers, we think of the cloth diapers of our mother's day or even our grandmother's day.  Let me tell you, today's cloth diapers are high tech compared to the "old" cloth diapers!  When my mother-n-law came over last week to babysit my little ones, she stood and talked to me while I was changing my youngest.  When I showed her the cloth diaper, well, let's just say that she was mighty impressed.  The bumGenius 4.0 diaper that my little one was sporting seemed like a luxury item compared to the cloth diapers my mother-n-law used on her youngest.  

I'm sure some of you are wondering about the dirty diapers.  I have to be honest, I wasn't looking forward to the first dirty diaper in a cloth diaper.  Lucky for me, my mother-n-law changed that first dirty diaper while my husband and I were gone for our "date night."  The next day, I experienced my first dirty diaper.  I had been wondering about the clean-up of dirty cloth diapers plus wondering how bad the staining might be.  I actually had purchased some GroVia disposable liners from Tulsa's newest cloth diaper store, Booty Duty Cloth Diapers, to use.  So, how was it?  Well, the disposable liner worked like a charm and pretty much caught everything.  All I had to do was flush the mess down the toilet and voila it was gone!  Now, some of the "juice" from the dirty diaper did make it onto the cloth part of the diaper.  However, it cleaned up just fine and I didn't have any staining!  Speaking of staining, drying your cloth diapers in direct sunlight will remove stains.  I picked up that helpful tidbit from the cloth diaper group I started on Facebook.  If you're in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area, check out Fluffy Bums of Tulsa.

We have still been using disposables from time-to-time and in between washes as my stash right now is quite small.  However, I'm thrilled with the cloth diapers and love the fact that I'm helping the environment by eliminating extra waste!  

If you choose to cloth diaper full-time, then awesome.  If you choose to cloth diaper part-time, awesome.  However, just changing 3 cloth diapers a day can make a huge difference.  If you visit the Cotton Babies web site, you can purchase a 3-pack of cloth diapers to join the Cotton Babies Change 3 Things Challenge.   Commit to using 3 cloth diapers a day instead of disposables for 1 year.  Every cloth diaper saves about $.25 (depending on what brand of disposables you buy). If you save $.75 a day, it may not seem like much, but those three diapers can save you approximately $260 over the upcoming year. In addition to the savings per diaper, you can save yourself time, money and gas for those emergency trips to the store when you run out of diapers.  Change you, your baby, & your planet.  When you change your BABY's diaper, YOU create a new habit, save money and prevent unnecessary waste on your PLANET.

So, I'm curious, how many of you cloth diaper?  Share your story with me and any helpful tidbits you'd like to pass on to a newbie like myself!

Happy Blogging!
Toni The Chic Momma


  1. Hi! I'm stopping by from the Super Stalker Sunday Hop! Thanks so much for linking up with us and stalking around! :) Be sure to come join us again next Sunday for a fun filled day of stalking! =D

    Kortney's Krazy Life

  2. i am a new mom and new to cloth diapering (6 month old) and new to blogging!!! i love the "change 3" challenge and tell my friends all the time that they can just start with one cloth diaper a day and increase as they want!

    found you on the SSS hop and i am a new follower! please follow me back http://quiet-ct.blogspot.com !

  3. Great article Toni! Glad to know that cloth diapering and the liners are working well for you. Keep the articles coming. We enjoy them!


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