Monday, April 9, 2012

The Easter Egg Hunt Games.

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So, this past Easter weekend was full of Easter Egg Hunts across the country.  In fact, I attended an Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday with my little ones.  If you've never attended an Easter Egg Hunt, well, let's just say that it can be a crazy, MANIC experience.  Who would of thought that plastic eggs filled with candy and mainly odds-and-ends would cause such a ruckus?  Want to know something?  The ruckus is usually caused by the parents, not the kiddos.  Bam.  Yes, I said it.  The parents are the troublemakers.

Anyhow, this was the first public Easter Egg Hunt that I've attended with my little ones.  My sister walked with my soon-to-be 3-year old and I walked with my 20-month old during the Easter Egg Hunt.  I was very adamant that my children do the egg hunting.  See, I wanted my little ones to pick up the eggs and place the eggs in their baskets.  It didn't matter if they got one egg or a dozen eggs.  I simply wanted my little ones to be the one's enjoying the Easter Egg Hunt.

Unfortunately, there are many overbearing and just plain selfish parents that insist that their children FILL their baskets.  Let's be serious for a minute.  How many 1-year olds can fill an entire Easter basket within two minutes?  Hmm... me thinks a mommy or daddy had something to do with that loot.  Such Easter Egg hoarding leaves many children without any Easter Eggs which leaves sad kiddos and frustrated parents.  My 20-month old was able to pick up 5 eggs.  On his own, I might add.  After the hunt, we saw a little boy who didn't get a single egg.  He was obviously upset, so I gave him three of my son's eggs.  The little boy was thrilled and his mother was so appreciative.  No children should have left empty handed.

So, when did Easter Egg Hunts become a brutal competition?  Why are parents so pushy and play dirty?  It's sad, but I've seen several posts on Facebook about parents complaining about their local Easter Egg Hunts.  You think "The Hunger Games" are rough?  Attend an Easter Egg Hunt and you'll think otherwise.

Well, on a more pleasant note, I had a great birthday and Easter with my family.  My birthday fell on Easter this year, so it made for an even more special day.

How was your Easter?  Did you have a similar experience at your local Easter Egg Hunt?  Oh, and have you seen "The Hunger Games" yet?

Hope you have a great Monday!

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  1. I couldn't agree with you more about egg hunts! We did not take our two-year-old this year because I just wasn't up to the battle! I used to be a property manager for an apartment complex and we did a HUGE egg hunt every year. We would do a few "hunts" for different age groups, but mostly it was just us tossing TONS of eggs all over the lawn. We hid a few eggs for my daughter and two nephews this year and you can see the competitiveness with it, even with family! They kept yelling for my daughter and I to "Hurry up! Get it quick!" And I kept thinking "isn't this just for fun?" I mean, there was no MONEY involved! And besides, she only needed a few eggs, I don't want her eating a bunch of candy anyway! She still ended up with 4-5 hard boiled eggs and 5-6 plastics with candy. I think that's a good haul for a two-year-old that only had mommy holding the basket! Well, I did coach her just a little to just put the egg in the basket and find another one but I tried really hard not to tell her to "hurry."

  2. That is so frustrating! My work puts on an egg hunt every year and it's all separated by age groups with a special prize egg and whoever finds it gets a big old Easter Basket. The parents are only allowed in with the 0-3 year olds, but in all of the older groups, the parents stood along the edges telling their kids where the special egg was.

    I did grab my daughter and run across a patch so she could get one egg because she was definitely slower than the other kids and I wanted to see her pick up one egg. One of her little buddies from baby class was there, and after all the eggs were found, we rehid the eggs for the two girls and they had lots of fun. Mostly, Maggie only cared about one because she discovered the candy inside.

    Our egg hunt with our family was much different, the kids are all older, so they wanted to see her find them, and she filled her little basket with about 8 eggs and decided it was too heavy so she would steal another basket to fill. I was really impressed with how many she found on her own. It was so cute!


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