Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sunning Fluff!

This past week in Oklahoma has been full of triple digit temperatures.  I'm so ready for crisp fall weather where I can comfortably wear jeans and not sweat like a roasting pig at a Hawaiian luau!  But I digress.  With the sun shining and temperatures being 100+ degrees, I decided to sun my little one's cloth diapers the other day.  I purchased a drying rack from Wal-Mart and decided this would be the perfect time to sun cloth diapers.  Besides saving money and energy from not using my dryer, I was able to sun out a few stains from diaper covers and inserts.  Win, win.  This drying rack from Wal-Mart was approximately $14.97, and while a little flimsy, it did the job just fine for the cloth diapers. 

Below are some pics of my precious stash enjoying the sunshine! 

Do you sun your cloth diapers?  I'd love to see your pics! 
Happy Blogging!
Toni The Chic Momma
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