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Remembering Angel Babies - Pregnancy and Infant Loss Day

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Today, October 15th, is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Day.  I'm blessed to be the mommy to two precious little boys.  I have never suffered the loss of a little one and can't begin to imagine the heart ache and sorrow.  I know a few mommas who have lost a baby from miscarriage, still birth and complications from a pre-mature birth.  The loss of a child can be such an emotional and difficult time and it can sometimes be difficult for friends or family to know what to say.

Recently, a friend of mine miscarried her baby in the first trimester.  Besides my friend and her husband, I was the first person to know that my friend was pregnant.  I was super excited for her and was already thinking about throwing her a baby shower.  When she called about miscarrying the baby, I honestly didn't quite know what to say or what to do.  I reached out to some mommas in my cloth diaper group and their overall advice was to simply be there for my friend.  I needed to be a shoulder to cry on or hold her hand and just listen.

Shortly after my friend's loss, I decided we'd have a girls night-in.  I rented a movie, bought some of her favorite candy and we just hung out.  When she needed to talk, I listened.  I don't think we managed to watch much of the movie as we talked the whole time and gobbled up Sour Punch Straws.  I think that evening was just what she needed.  No one asking questions, no one feeling sorry for her... just someone who was there to lovingly listen and just be there for her.

I wanted to give my friend a little something in remembrance of her angel baby.  One of my favorite companies, Earth Mama Angel Baby, has a line of products just for Baby Loss.  "Healing Hearts Baby Loss" also has a web site for bereaved parents.
I purchased the "Seeds of Hope" for my friend.  Earth Mama Angel Baby's "Seeds of Hope" are easily sown, organic calendula seeds to plant, grow and nurture.  The sensitive blessing on the back of the packet begins:


“I am planting these seeds in remembrance of you.
As I tuck them into the soil,
I am planting my hope for the future.
While I bury my dreams of holding you in my arms...”

My friend was touched with the gift and loved the idea of "planting my hope for the future."

Today on Pregnancy and Infant Loss Day, light a candle at 7:00PM.  Light a candle for your own loss or for a friend's loss.  And remember, once you become a parent you are no longer the picture you become the frame.  Tell your children how much you love them everyday.  Hug your children and shower them with kisses, love and affection as there are many mommas who are unable to cradle their angel babies on this day...

Blessings To You,
Toni The Chic Momma

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  1. I recently had two have my best friends miscarry. For one, it's her 5th miscarriage. I wish there was something I could do, but I don't live near her, so I can pop in with a cooked meal or anything.


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