Thursday, January 24, 2013

Funny Musings of a 3-Year Old Little Boy.

We have a two story house and had previously used the two upstairs bedrooms as storage.  OK, I'll be honest.  We used those two room as junk rooms.  So, after this past Christmas, the living room was overloaded with toys.  I mean, I really think the grandparents tried to buy all of Toys 'R Us.  I had been wanting to turn one of the upstairs bedrooms into a play room, so after Christmas and tons of new toys, I decided to bite the bullet and get to work on the play room.  It took a lot re-organizing, but after a few days, the play room was ready. 
My 3-year old was super excited to have his play room ready and every day we're up there playing with cars, trucks and doing floor puzzles. So, earlier this morning, the boys and I were playing in the play room. I was doing a "farm" puzzle with my 3-year old. He pointed to the cow's udder and said, "what's this?" I told him, "it's the cow's udder and it makes milk." He laughed. Then, he grabbed at his pants and said, " wee wee make milk."

I thought to myself, "oh, gee."  I wanted to burst with laughter, but I just smiled and replied, "no, honey.  Wee wees don't make milk."
But I guess a cow's udder does look similar to something else, huh?

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