Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cloth Diaper VICTORY!

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If you've followed my blog for any length of time now, you know that I cloth diaper my 19-month old.  I began cloth diapering after meeting Jennifer Labit, the owner of Cotton Babies and the creator of Flip, bumGenius and Econobum cloth diapers.  I had coffee with Jennifer and some local cloth diapering moms in August 2011 and have become a lover of the fluff.  A cloth diaper addict.  Wait, this sounds better... a cloth diaper advocate.  Yes, I'm an advocate.  *big grin*  See, after only 7-months of cloth diapering, I'm signed up to host the Tulsa, Oklahoma Great Cloth Diaper Change!  Pretty good for someone who's still kind of "green" when it comes to cloth diapering.  I still consider myself "green" as I just have now begun cloth diapering at night.
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So, that's where the "victory" comes into play.  See, cloth diapering during the day time has been a breeze from the get-go.  Nap time and bed time were a different story though.  When my little one first started wearing cloth diapers, it took some adjusting.  I mean, his bottom was pretty "fluffy" with a cloth diaper.  Nap time was a struggle because I think he felt a little uncomfortable with so much "fluff."  Bed time didn't work as the microfiber inserts just couldn't hold all of the urine.  Both of my boys are heavy wetters and for last 7-months I would use a disposable at night instead of cloth.  I've really been wanting to cloth diaper at night, so I purchased 2 Thirsties hemp inserts.  I was recently sent an overnight fleece diaper cover from Londonware to review.  Speaking of review, I'll be posting my Londonware review and giveaway on May 1st and it will be a part of a Mother's Day Blog Hop!  So, last night was the first night that I used the hemp insert/fleece diaper cover combo.  I put my little one in a bumGenius 4.0 pocket diaper and used 2 of the Thirsties hemp inserts.  I put the Londonware fleece cover over the diaper and into my little one's Halo Sleep Blanket he went.  I have to admit, I was a little nervous.  I kept thinking, "I sure hope he doesn't leak out at 3am.  Please, God, let this diapering combo WORK!" 

Anyhow, my little one went to bed last night at 8:15pm and slept until 8:30am!  When I went to get my little one out of his crib this morning, his sleep blanket was dry.  Yes!  I removed the sleep blanket and his pj's were dry!  YES!  My little one had leaked out a little bit, but the Londonware diaper cover kept anything from leaking out onto his pj's and sleep blanket!  VICTORY! 

I'm super excited to have found an overnight cloth diapering solution that worked for us.  It felt like a victory for me.  But, hey, it's the small things, right?  I'm curious, if you cloth diaper, what kind of bed time solution has worked for you?

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  1. Yay!! I'm participating the the Mother's Day Cloth diaper giveaway hop too. I had a review/giveaway for Londonware fleece soaker on my blog for a Merry Fluffy Christmas. I found it worked very well for night time use too.

  2. We had to take our time getting into cloth. Everyone kept telling me how horrible it was (20 years ago) and so I was afraid of fluff! I am too now an "advocate". I LOVE CLOTH.

  3. Lol I love this post because it is so relateable as a CD mom. Overcoming the first poopy diaper is the first "fear" then conquering night time solutions can be a challenge. Glad you found a good fit! I used to have a harder time when he was younger but now that my son is 2, he pees less at night so you do have that to look forward too:)


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