Monday, March 26, 2012

Funky Friday - Manic Mommy Monday #4

Manic Mommy Monday!

I'm joining The Gnome's Mom for "Manic Mommy Monday!" This is the fourth week and while there are no weekly topics so to speak, it's a fun way to re-cap on your weekend, give an update on your life or anything else you feel led to "talk" or blog about on Monday! If you're so inclined, join us fellow "Manic Mommas," link-up and join the fun!

So, this is the 4th Manic Mommy Monday.  Last week, I blogged about my Freaky Friday.  This week, I'm going to blog about this past Friday, which I'll refer to as "Funky Friday."  Why?  Well, it was full of funk.  And boy, do I mean funk.  Yucky, awful funk.

My soon-to-be 3-year old is potty training.  He does pretty awesome during the day and will stay dry.  I take him to the bath room often during the day and he will use the potty chair.  At night, he remains dry and will use the bath room first thing in the morning.  Pretty good, huh?  Well number 2's are a completely different story.

My toddler was on spring break last week.  My toddler is almost 3, but it seems funny that he had a spring break and was off from pre-school.  Anyhow, after breakfast on Friday, rather then heading out to drop my oldest toddler off at pre-school, we remained home instead and planned on enjoying a lazy morning.  The boys were in the living room playing and I decided to have a bowl of cereal in the kitchen.   Ahhh, some "free" time to enjoy breakfast.  The breakfast room opens to the living room and I can see most of the room from the breakfast table.  Everything seemed to be normal.  Everything sounded normal.  Until, BAM.  I smelled something.  I immediately dropped my spoon in my cereal bowl and jumped (yes, jumped) the baby gate into the living room. 

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My toddlers have a Step2 playhouse that we keep indoors and is in our living room.  My toddler stood at the door way of the playhouse with a brown funky gunk all over his hands.  Oh.  No.  What has he done?  My toddler still had his diaper and pants on, so I decided to peer in the playhouse.  Aha.  He had been doing some "painting."  Some of the contents from his dirty diaper were painted on the inside wall of the playhouse.  Now, this isn't the first "painting" experience that I've had with my toddler.  I've actually had a much worse experience with "finger painting" back in the summer.  This "finger painting" exhibition was a close second though.  All-and-all, the clean-up took about 30 minutes.  A long 30 minutes, I might add.  *sigh*  Who knew parenthood was so messy?

So, my Friday was a little funky.  How was your Friday?

Happy Blogging!
Toni The Chic Momma

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  1. I am not looking forward to "finger painting"! We're still trying to figure out how to get Fuss to go #2 in the potty. She's in undies full time now and really only goes in her undies when she has to poop. *sigh*

  2. So sorry Toni! Wolf Prince managed to get a diaper off one day while taking his nap and had to go straight into the bath afterwards. So gross.


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